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    Here at Zurmati Dental Care, we sincerely care about our patients’ dental health! In order to offer the best care possible to ALL of our patients, we recommend an “In Office Dental Plan” to patients without dental coverage.

    This Plan includes at *NO ADDITIONAL COST:  Two regular cleanings, all periodic exams & necessary x-rays. The In Office Dental Plan extends tour uninsured patients our excellent dental care at a fraction of the cost.

    Additional Benefits for our “In Office Dental Plan” members:

    • All dental exams and x-rays are FREE!
    • Take 15% off the cost of any additional work.

    All Exams, X-Rays and Two regular cleanings for only $199.00 per year per adult!!

    All Exams, X-Rays, flouride and Two regular cleanings for only $149.00 per year per child!!