• Testimonials

  • WOW! Let me start off by saying, I haven't been to the dentist in 10+ years. It was time for me to put my fears aside and get a checkup/teeth cleaning. When I was looking around for a dentist, I wanted to try and find one that used newer technology, was kind to his/her patients and had a very nice staff. I don't need an old school dentist using old technology and scare tactics to tell me what I know I should've been doing for years (6 month cleanings and flossing).

    Through my searches, I found the lovely Zurmati Dental Care and it was right by my house! I went to their website and found everything I needed very easily. I signed up for an appointment and by the following afternoon I had a phone call from Michelle. I explained to Michelle my fear of the dentist and that I hadn't been in a long time. She calmed my fears and made me excited for my appointment. When I got there, they were using machines to detect oral cancers, took very thorough X-rays and used cutting edge cleaning tools. Dr. Zurmati was very informative and showed me digital pictures on the TV of the small cavity I had. They were able to get the cavity out, fill it, clean my teeth without terrible pain and polish my pearly whites right up.

    Dr. Zurmati did not yell at me or ridicule me one time for neglecting my teeth. He told me I was lucky they were in as good as shape as they are and let's try to keep the check ups routine so that we don't have any issues down the road. They also had another technician (didn't catch her name) who was very nice as well.

    If I could give them more stars, I would in a heartbeat! Before I left, I made my next 6 month cleaning appointment and have already told my brother about them. I am so thankful for Michelle and Dr. Zurmati as they erased my fears of dentists!!! I will be a patient of Zurmati Dental Care forever!!!

    Justen M.

  • Dr. ZUMATI and staff are professional, dedicated and efficient all while being kind. For some of us visiting the dentist can activate your "white coat syndrome" and produce some anxiety. I promise you this, Michelle the office manager and, the Dr. will do everything to calm all of your nerves and bring a nice calm to your visit.

    The offices are very clean, very organized and offer state of the art tools, cleaning, and xrays/film etc. Sometimes high tech doesn't mean better or even effective. However, with Dr Zurmati it 100% does! They have streamlined the dental process which allows you to get in and out feeling good about your visit and informed with respect to EXACTLY what is going on with your dental health.

    The location in Fairfax Station is very very easy to get to from anywhere in NOVA and if you are coming from Arlington County, it is right off the highway and worth the trip. It's hard to find quality dentistry these days. I give this office five stars and highest recommendation.

    Gina J.

  • Went there for a cleaning, had some extra work done.

    1) Mad sterile, jeez, you could probably have the bubble boy live in there.
    2) Everything is super modern, new tech. Digital x-ray, integrated, computerized record system, so i could see the x-rays, same time as the doctor...
    3) Dr Zarmati runs as close to pain free practice as i've ever had. I'm not a coward but I don't like dental pain, and this was really, really pain free. Not perfect, but, i've had some dentists who are more out of Marathon Man, and this was really low pain.
    4) The staff are all really nice.

    Pat B.

  • Well first I have to start with how efficient and helpful this practice is. I had my worst dream come true and chipped 90% of my front tooth over the weekend, I called serval establishments first thing Monday morning in hopes of being able to come in for a emergency appointment and this was the only practice that was willing to see me as soon as I could come in. The staff was friendly and professional. After receiving some X-rays and multiple pictures were taken of the fracture I was given 3 options with the costs and was offered two third party payment arrangements. They made is super easy to pick a option and plan that worked best for me. The very next day I started with a tooth extraction which I was nervous for, but Dr.Zurmati and his dental assistant made sure I was comfortable and talked me through it. They answered any and all questions I had. By the time my tooth was pulled out I didn't even feel it. Overall I would recommend this dental practice to everyone and anyone looking to get any dental work done. From someone who hates going to the dentist let alone getting any dental work done, that's saying a lot.

    Elizabeth A.